Every one of our clients that have undergone amputation comes to us under unique circumstances with experiences that are deeply personal. From the moment you enter our clinic, we partner with you and encourage you on your journey of rehabilitation and healing. 

If you are not happy, we are not finished.

Are you new to amputation? Check out our Guide and FAQ sections for answers to many of your questions.

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custom prosthetic sockets

Custom Socket Designs

A comfortable, well-fitting socket is the foundation of every positive prosthetic outcome. Your unique socket will be designed and fabricated in our clinic by experienced technical craftsmen. We specialize in all types of suspension systems, and often use our creativity  to tailor-fit your prosthesis to your needs.

microprocessor knee & foot prosthetic

Microprocessor Knees & Feet

Our clinicians are experienced in fitting modern computer-controlled knee and foot technology from all manufacturers. These devices offer real-time adjustments to hydraulic cylinders to ensure safer walking with less effort, especially on hills, ramps and stairs. We often trial multiple different units until we discover which one is best for you.

a man with a my-electric hand & elbow prosthetic

Myoeletric Hands & Elbows

Computer-controlled upper limb solutions utilize surface sensors to detect muscle movements which, in turn, activates movement in powered hands and elbows. This allows for a variety of grip patterns e.g., holding a bottle, pinching a coin or giving someone a thumbs up.

partial hand & finger prosthetic

Partial Hands & Fingers

We offer a variety of innovative passive functional (cosmetic), body-powered and myoelectric solutions, depending on your goals and lifestyle. Sometimes multiple prostheses are necessary, to make sure that our clients’ needs are met. Every socket is custom designed, to ensure the highest level of comfort and functionality.

a man skiing with a prosthetic leg

Running & Sport Specific

Returning to an active lifestyle as either an upper or lower limb amputee may involve a secondary, activity-specific prosthesis for running, cycling, fishing etc. Carbon fiber “blades” combined with a unique socket design have allowed PCE clients to return to competitive weightlifting, triathlon and many other high-activity sports.

a woman with a lifelike silicone prosthetic

“Life-like” Silicone Restoration

We are proud to offer custom silicone solutions for partial hand and partial foot amputations made right here in Las Vegas. This greatly decreases your wait times and allows us to provide high levels of realism. Your prosthesis will be  matched in size, shape and skin tone to your sound side by a trained artist.

symphonie aqua casting device

Symphonie Aqua Casting

This casting method captures the limb shape under full weight-bearing, using water compression to load pressure-tolerant muscles, and relieve pressure-sensitive bony areas. The result is a comfortable and custom socket that only requires minimal modification during the fitting process. We are proud to be Nevada’s exclusive provider for this technology.

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Outcome Measures & Research

We regularly participate in manufacturer and UNLV research projects and are currently enrolled in a large, national study to track prosthetic outcomes and inform future care standards. We incorporate validated outcome measures to track our client’s progress, and to justify the medical need for the quality of care that we provide.

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Post-Amputation Support

Undergoing limb loss is a life-changing event that requires a unique approach for every person. PCE offers peer-support visits; access to support groups as well as custom-tailored educational resources to help navigate your “new normal”. Our care approach also includes communicating regularly with doctors, physical therapists and other medical professionals, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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