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We are proud to offer all our patients access to an in-house insurance advocacy team of industry experts with extensive experience navigating the insurance landscape. You should be spending your time reclaiming your lifestyle, not on the phone arguing over claims with your insurance company. We set realistic expectations depending on insurance coverage and promise to advocate your needs to your insurance provider.

We will work with you.

Our comprehensive list of in-network insurance plans includes: Medicare, all Nevada Medicaid programs, culinary and most major private insurances. This list is constantly growing, so that we can continue to serve patients with a variety of insurance coverages. We are also proud of our extensive work with veterans and active duty military members, helping them achieve a greater quality of life.

In instances when we are out-of-network with your provider, or you do not currently have insurance, there are often other options to ensure that you receive the care that you need. If that is the case, please contact our staff and they will provide you with a variety of options on how to proceed. Our consultations are free, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss these matters in-person.

If you are a medical provider and are interested in a comprehensive list of our in-network insurance providers, please fill out the Contact form or call us and we would be happy to share it.

O&P Insight Collaboration

 O&P Insight was founded by PCE President Lesleigh Sisson to help O&P clinics around the country improve their workflow, practice management, staff development and compliance procedures. Prosthetic Center of Excellence is proud to be the premier O&P Insights alpha testing site for processes that are rolled out to other clinics once proven successful.

Meet the PCE and O&P Insight Team: Lesleigh, Curt, and Michelle.

Listen to the OPGA Women Leaders in O&P podcast interview of Lesleigh here.

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group photo of Lesleigh Sisson, Curt Bertram, and Michelle Wullstein

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