Our Why

At PCE, we are a family of innovators, visionaries, craftsmen, and administrative leaders who care strongly for each other and everyone who comes through our doors. We love getting to know our patients deeply and support them enthusiastically on their journey of recovery and reinvention. 

Excellence is not just part of our name, it’s a value that we live out every single day.

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To inspire a more enabled future.


At Prosthetic Center of Excellence, we elevate your capabilities. By designing custom and innovative prostheses and orthoses, we advance our mission through our pursuit of excellence, serve our community and patients with dignity and compassion.

About Us

Since 1998, the Prosthetic Center of Excellence has accelerated the freedom of movement with superior prosthetic and orthotic care. Based in Las Vegas, NV, and serving the entire Southwest, PCE offers advanced solutions for anyone who has experienced limb loss or limb difference, mobility challenges, diabetes, mastectomies, and more. We provide compassionate, knowledgeable care for each person, including children, adults, para-athletes, and individuals with significant health concerns.

Our team of passionate professionals aim to meet each person’s needs and surpass their expectations. To make a more significant and positive impact on the communities we serve, PCE partners with trusted healthcare professionals, doctors, physical therapists, and case managers to ensure comprehensive and holistic care for each patient. Our goal is to bring efficiency and efficacy to each patient’s journey towards improved function and mobility. 

At PCE, we strive to move the industry needle forward in innovative prosthetic and orthotic care. We believe there is always room to improve and dedicate our careers to finding new ways to help our patients regain or advance their independence. As a group, we lead with compassion and focus on decreasing pain while simultaneously increasing healing. We have cultivated a unique family-like atmosphere at PCE, comprised of innovators, visionaries, artisans, and administrators driven not only to excel but to positively influence those around us. The relationship we build with each patient is based on our commitment to helping them find freedom through movement.



We are a family. We embark on new challenges with empathy and creativity. A solution presented by one of us is a win for all of us.


We hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability. We can learn from our mistakes; We gain nothing from blaming others.


Positivity is contagious. Our patients feed off our optimistic spirit. Lead with confidence and enthusiasm and expect good things in return. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities to find a solution.

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We are not your average team. We love our work, and it shows. We stand by our word, capabilities, and passion for what we do. Respect, empathy, and kindness remain pillars of how we conduct ourselves every day. 


We exist to make an impact. Determination and curiosity are the catalysts behind our desire to advance this field and improve the lives of those we work with.


We believe the only way forward is with compassion for our patients, community, partners and each other.


We have faith in ourselves, our team, and the possibilities of what we can create together. We trust there is a brighter future for everyone, and we are prepared to make it happen.


In our world, technology and innovation are vital in advancing individual patient solutions and expanding our sector’s growth. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve to continue to push the industry forward.


More than anything, we believe in the limitless power of the individuals and greater community we serve. Their determination, passion and commitment to improvement are what get us out of bed every morning.


By getting to know each of our patients, we can speak up for their needs and cater to their dreams. We will always be in their corner advocating, inventing, and supporting their journey to increased mobility and function.

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