Children are not just “small adults” – they require special care that takes into consideration age, personality and growth and the things they love to do. At PCE we are passionate about working with kids of all ages, shapes and sizes and will spend as much time as needed to thoroughly evaluate your child and answer any questions you may have as a parent or caregiver. Throughout the process, we will cheer them on as they become confident users of their prosthesis or orthosis.

Your child's success is our "why".

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Our KIDS room is dedicated to making your little one feel comfortable and for them to have a great experience. It is filled with some of our favorite children’s books, adaptive toys, lots of fun “distractions” and you will find child-friendly cartoons or shows playing on the TV.  We want the entire experience of having an orthotic or prosthetic device made to be the best clinical experience your child and you have had, so that they are empowered to use their devices, regardless of if it’s for the long- or short-term.

Take a tour of our PCE KIDS room here.
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Kids are resilient and can overcome limb-loss to lead normal lives with some adaptations. All of our prostheses are custom designed with your child’s amputation, age and lifestyle taken into consideration. Our clinician’s will take the time needed to help your child and you understand the different components used, and empower them to lead self-sufficient, active and happy lives.

lower limb orthotic for kids

Lower Limb Orthotics

Supramalleolar Orthosies (SMO)
Ankle Foot Orthosies (AFO)
Knee Ankle Foot Orthosies (KAFO)
Reciprocal Gait Orthosis (RGO)
Hip Abduction Orthosis
Ultraflex Adjustable Dynamic Devices
Cascade DAFOs and SureStep
Ponsetti/ Dobb’s bar

upper limb orthotic for kids

Upper Limb Orthotics

Elbow Orthoses (EO)
Wrist Hand Finger Orthoses (WHFO)Dynamic Stretching Orthosis
Benik devices
Burn garments

Cranial Remolding Helmets

Custom designed helmets can be used to treat “flat spots” on an infant’s head caused by plagiocephaly, brachycephaly or torticollis. The head deformity is gently remolded into a symmetrical shape as your baby grows. We specialize in the SmartSoc digital capturing system, which ensures quick, accurate measurements while your baby sits comfortably in your lap. We schedule regular follow ups to gauge success and ensure that we are continuing to get positive outcomes.the outcomes you desire.

device used to treat scoliosis in kids


Abnormal curvature of the spine can worsen over time and can effectively be controlled byvia custom made spinal orthoses.scoliosis braces. These devices braces can be worn during the day and/or at night depending on the severity of the deformity and wear tolerance. Our clinicians are trained At PCE we have extensive training in multiple different scoliosis treatment approaches and will tailor the care to your child’s unique needs.

device used to treat a protruding chest in kids

Pectus Carinatum

Protruding chest presentations can be controlled and reduced by via a a custom-made device that applies a firm, yet comfortable comfortable, yet firm pressure over the apex of the deformity. At PCE we specialize in contouring aluminum bars to create a custom device with easy-to-use ratchet buckle closure for your child.

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