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At Prosthetic Center of Excellence (PCE), we believe in providing patients with top-notch care in the areas of medical orthotics and prosthetic equipment. Our expert team- with several decades of experience between them- provides a consultative approach to ensure that your needs are met and that you’ll be completely satisfied. We’ll take you through the entire process, step by step, so you’ll feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Excellence is not just part of our name, it’s a value that we live out each and every single day.


PROSTHETIC CENTER OF EXCELLENCE is committed to being the leading prosthetic and orthotic provider in Southern Nevada. Excellence is not just part of our name, it is a part of our foundation. We pledge that our patients will receive courteous, professional and comprehensive care at the hands of dedicated, caring, and conscientious employees.

We strive to maintain a family atmosphere at PCE with an emphasis on helping each individual- whether patient or employee- reach their highest potential. We promote healthy communication, initiative, creativity, kindness, and dignity

PATIENTS: At PCE, we understand that patients and excellence in patient care must be at the forefront of our everyday actions and strategic activities. We are committed to understanding patients’ needs and striving to meet those needs through excellent care.

EMPLOYEES: Our employees must feel engaged, valued and part of a successful team. We will steward the talents and values of our employees and support them in walking out excellence in their professional and personal lives.

COMMUNICATION:  We will continually endeavor to maintain open and constructive communication at and between all levels, as well as across all functional lines.

QUALITY: We are committed to total quality, as an extension of the pursuit of excellence, and will seek out measurable improvement in everything we do.

PRODUCTS:   We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to address our patients’ needs.

PERFORMANCE: We are committed to continuous growth while increasing financial strength.

COMMUNITY:  We will serve as responsible members of our community and will support efforts which result in its improvement.